Colour Formats Used For Promotional Product Decoration.

Posted by Get Smart Promo on 2 May 2018 1:30:37 PM

Have you heard the terms Pantone PMS, CMYK or RGB and wondered what does this mean?  Let us explain.


What are Pantone Colours (PMS colours)?

Pantone Colour Palette

Most corporate logos are designed with Pantone colours, which are a universal standard colour guide for print production. Some companies have their ‘own’ colours (for example, Cadbury ‘Purple’ which allows the same colour to be reporoduced with different printers). By sending us your corporate logo in Pantone colours, your logo will be reproduced with consistency. If you do not have a selection of Pantone colours for your logo, we can match your logo to Pantone swatches. Your order may state that printing can be in one colour or more. This means the amount of Pantone colours that will be used, and each colour is charged at a cost. 

Not sure what your pantone colour is, check out this useful tool

What about CMYK and Full Colour?

Printers use a colour system based on four standard colours, (a little like primary colours) CMYK, Cyan (Blue), Magenta (Red/Pink), Yellow and Black (symbolised as K). This is considered as a full colour print.  

Can I create my logo or design in RGB

You may have heard of the RGB (Red, Green and Blue) colour system which is for screen and web only. We can easily change your photos from RGB to CMYK to make it suitable for printing. 


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